Top Gifts Under $100

Top Gifts Under $100

Gifts for everyone!

Navigating the world of holiday shopping can be thrilling yet daunting, especially when the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But fret not! We’ve embarked on a mission to make your holiday shopping experience a joyous adventure. Introducing our carefully curated gift guide, featuring handpicked and thoughtful ideas for every person on your list. Holidays. Live. Here, and so does the spirit of giving.

Cozy Comforts

Unwrap the warmth of the season with our cozy collection of Gifts for the Home. From the rich aroma of cold brew to the indulgence of silk pillowcases, these gifts are designed to transform homes into havens of comfort and joy. Whether it’s lounging in style or bonding over classic board games, embrace the joy of home during the holidays.

Paderno Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the coffee aficionado or anyone who appreciates a good brew, the Paderno Cold Brew Coffee Maker from CANADIAN TIRE is a delightful addition to their home. Let the rich aroma of cold brew fill their space, bringing comfort and warmth during the holiday season.

Coffee Cold Press
Canadian Tire Reg. Price $59.99

Silk Pillow Case 

Give the gift of luxury with a Silk Pillow Case from QE HOME. Soft and indulgent, this pillowcase adds a touch of elegance to their sleep sanctuary. Transform their bedtime routine into a silk-infused dreamland.

Find at: QE Home Reg. Price$59.99-$79.99
QE Home Reg. Price$59.99-$79.99

2 pc. Loungewear

Embrace the cozy side of the holidays with the 2 pc. Loungewear from La Vie En Rose. Perfect for lazy days by the fireplace or movie nights with loved ones, this loungewear set is a comfort-packed gift that keeps on giving.

la Vie en Rose Reg. Price $39.95-$49.95


Bring the family together with a classic boardgame from BOLEN BOOKS. Whether it’s a strategic battle or a laughter-filled trivia night, a board game is the perfect way to create lasting memories and add a dash of competitive fun to the festive season.

Wingspan Boardgame
Bolen Books, Wingspan Boardgame Reg. Price $79.99

Jet. Set. Joy.

Embark on a journey of joy with our selection of Gifts for Travel. Whether it’s pampering oneself with fruity body care essentials or jet-setting in style with a chic travel bag, these gifts are designed to add a touch of luxury to every adventure. From tech-savvy tracking to on-the-go cleanliness, this category ensures your loved ones travel with ease and sophistication.

Gift Sets

Indulge a loved one in some serious self-care with the Pears & Share Essential Gift Set from THE BODY SHOP. Packed with limited edition vibrant and fruity body care, this set is the perfect companion for a relaxing getaway or a staycation. Pear isn’t their thing? No shortage of other delicious-smelling options to choose from!

Gift Set
The Body Shop Reg. Price $45

Travel Bag

For the wanderlust soul, gift them the Travel Bag from BENTLEY. Stylish and practical, this bag is designed to accompany them on all their adventures, making every journey a stylish affair.

Find at: Bentley Reg. Price $89.99 Travel Bag
Bentley Reg. Price $89.99


Help your loved ones keep track of their travel essentials with the AirTag from THE SOURCE. No more lost luggage or misplaced belongings—this tech-savvy accessory ensures a stress-free and well-tracked travel experience.

AirTag Find at: The Source Reg. Price $39.99
The Source Reg. Price $39.99

Wet/Dry Car Vacuum 

For those who love road trips or simply take pride in a clean vehicle, the Wet/Dry Car Vacuum from CANADIAN TIRE is a thoughtful and practical gift. Ensure their car stays spick and span even during the messiest journeys.

Wet Dry Vacuum Find at: Canadian Tire Reg. Price $39.99
Canadian Tire Reg. Price $39.99

Festive Fun

Get ready to spread the festive cheer with our Gifts for Holiday Parties. From elegant snowman stud earrings to stylish serving boards, these gifts are crafted to add a touch of glamour to every celebration. Whether it’s the sparkle of jewellery or the impromptu sing-a-long of classic carols from a Bluetooth speaker, turn every holiday gathering into a memorable event.

Snowman Stud Earrings

Add a touch of festive elegance to their attire with Snowman Stud Earrings from MICHAEL HILL JEWELLER. These whimsical earrings are the perfect accessory for holiday gatherings, adding a sparkle of joy to every outfit.

Earrings Find at: Michael Hill Jeweller Reg. Price $29
Michael Hill Jeweller Reg. Price $29

Teak Serving Board and Cheese Knife Set 

Elevate their hosting game with the Teak Serving Board and Cheese Knife Set from HOUSE OF KNIVES. This stylish duo adds a touch of sophistication to any party, making it a memorable gift for the host or hostess with the mostest.

Find at: House of Knives Teak Serving Board Reg. Price $49 Cheese Knife Set $40
House of Knives Teak Serving Board Reg. Price $49 Cheese Knife Set $40

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Bring the gift of harmonious tunes to every holiday party with the Sony Bluetooth Speaker from The SOURCE. Compact yet powerful, this speaker ensures that the festive beats never miss a beat.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker
The Source Reg. Price $79.99

Playful Wonders

Ignite the spirit of play with our whimsical collection of Toys. From huggable Squishmallows to adventurous remote-controlled cars and iconic Barbies, these gifts are sure to bring smiles and laughter to the little ones. Whether it’s soaring through the skies with a drone or creating magical adventures, embrace the magic of childhood during the holidays.


For the young and the young at heart, Squishmallows from SHOWCASE make adorable and huggable companions. These soft and squishy creatures are not just toys; they’re cuddly friends that bring joy and comfort during the holiday season.

Squishmallows Find at: Showcase Reg. Price $21.99 - $29.99
Find at: Showcase Reg. Price $21.99 – $29.99

Little Monster Remote Control Car

Ignite the excitement of the little ones with the Little Monster Remote Control Car from BC HOBBIES. This playful gift promises hours of joy as they navigate their own remote-controlled adventures.

REmote Control Car Find at: BC Hobbies Reg. Price $99.99
BC Hobbies Reg. Price $99.99


For the collector or the imaginative child, a classic Barbie from WALMART is a timeless and cherished gift. Embrace the magic of childhood with this iconic toy that has been a source of joy for generations.

Barbie Find at: Walmart Reg. Price $34.97
Walmart Reg. Price $34.97


Take playtime to new heights with a Drone from WALMART. Perfect for aspiring aviators and tech enthusiasts, this high-flying gift promises hours of outdoor fun and exploration.

Drone Find at: Walmart Reg. Price $49.97
Walmart Reg. Price $49.97

Unwrap the Magic

Difficult to buy for? Give them the gift of choice with a Hillside Centre Gift Card. Now available to purchase online or visit Guest Services. 

Hillside Centre Gift Card
Available in various denominations.

As you embark on your holiday shopping journey, let the spirit of joy guide you to the perfect gifts under $100. Whether it’s adding a touch of luxury to someone’s home, fueling the wanderlust of a travel enthusiast, bringing festive cheer to holiday parties, or sparking the imagination of the little ones, our curated selection has something for everyone. Feel free to explore more delightful surprises in each category and discover additional treasures at our online SHOP. Happy gifting!

See something you like in our pedestals in centre? Here is your shopping guide: 

Green – Holiday. LIVE HERE.

AirTag – The Source

Bath Gift Set – The Body Shop

Bluetooth Speaker – The Source

Diffuser – Nezza

Earrings – Michael Hill

Sherpa Sweatshirt – la Vie en Rose

Silk Pillow Case – QE Home

Red – Holiday. LIVES HERE.

Barbie – Walmart

Bath Squiggler – Lizzy Lee & Me

Remote Control Car – BC Hobbies

Squishmallows – Showcase

Gold – Holiday. LIVES HERE.

Cheese Knife Set – House of Knives

 Coffee – Murchie’s

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Canadian Tire

 Spode Cups – Murchie’s

Teak Serving Board – House of Knives