Hours + Getting Here


Hillside Centre is open seven days a week.

Monday – Tuesday
9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Wednesday – Friday
9:30 am – 9:00 pm

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday & Stat Holidays
11:00 am – 5:30 pm

Several of our retailers keep varied operating hours.
For those exceptions please contact the following stores directly:

Hillside Food Court has extended their hours of operation on Monday, Tuesday & Saturday until 6:30 PM.

Monday, Tuesday & Saturday  6:30 PM

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 PM

Sunday & Stat Holidays 5:30 PM


BCAA  –  250.414.8320
BC Liquor Store  –  250.952.4033
Bolen Books  –  250.595.4232
Canadian Tire – 250.361.3152
CIBC  –  250.356.4238
Marshalls  –  250.595.5931
Scotiabank  –  250.953.5560
Shoppers Drug Mart  –  250.595.5111
SportChek/Atmosphere  –  250.592.5220
Starbucks  –  250.370.0776
Thrifty Foods  –  250.370.9591
Tim Hortons  –  250.595.8343


Our mailing address is:

1644 Hillside Avenue #21
Victoria, British Columbia
V8T 2C5 Canada

Hillside offers free parking for all customers while shopping at Hillside Centre. All parking is limited to three hours. Notice of parking rules are clearly posted throughout all parking lots.

Parking spaces can be found ground level and roof top, makes for easy access into the shopping centre.

For those with disabilities, seniors and families with small children designated parking spaces are located at the major entrances into the centre.

Six complimentary electric vehicle EV charging stations are located on the roof top near Marshall’s entrance. Five EV stations ground level near Canadian Tire off Hillside Avenue. Note: Two spaces are reserved at ground level and roof top. Charging stations are activated by ‘tapping’ a ChargePoint Pass or a credit card. Three hour limit at all EV Stations. EV Stations are for Hillside shoppers only.

Reasons for Violation Notices Being Issued

Park & Ride: If a person is witnessed leaving the property without their vehicle or if a vehicle is left for more than three hours, the vehicle may be towed and the owner will be responsible for all related charges. If your vehicle has been towed call Security 250-883-3367 for further information.

Trucks and RVS: Large commercial trucks and recreational vehicles are not permitted to park overnight. Permission will not be granted under any circumstances due to insurance and local regulations.

Unauthorized After Hours Activities: Driving schools are not permitted to operate training /lessons on the parking lot.

Disputing a Notice: Contact the Security Supervisor at 250-883-3367 during business hours or email hillsidesup@paladinsecurity.com. Please have ticket details i.e. number, license plate number and date of violation available.


Bus stop located on the north east side of the shopping centre parking lot – near the Marshalls/BCAA entrance. Bus stops are also located on N. Dairy Rd., Shelbourne St. and Hillside Ave.

  • Mt. Tolmie #4
  • Hillside Mall / Downtown #22
  • Gordon Head #27
  • Majestic #28
  • Oak Bay / Interurban #8

Routes may travel through downtown. Transit information: 382.6161 or at bctransit.com.