Difference Makers

Difference Makers at Hillside Centre

Ethical Values at Hillside Centre

Consumers’ expectations of retailers are evolving. We understand that where you spend your dollars matters. A retailer’s values may impact your decision-making process of where you make your purchase. You may wish to support specific organizations or foundations that contribute to local communities, use eco-friendly materials, follow sustainable practices, or ensure their products are not tested on animals.

We are excited to announce our Difference Makers program at Hillside Centre. We have worked with our retailers to find out more about their values as an organization so that we can share those values with you and assist you in your shopping experience.

This program will continue to evolve and we look forward to expanding the list of Difference Makers.

How do you know which retailers are Difference Makers?

Look for the globe icon on the directory listing beside the store name or the Difference Makers logo on their store window. This means they elected to be spotlighted as part of our program and will represent one of the following pillars:

Difference Makers Icon Only Community

Difference Makers Icon Only Donates to Charity

Difference Makers Icon Only Fair Trade

Difference Makers Icon Only Cruelty-Free

Difference Makers Icon Only Eco – Friendly

Difference Makers Icon Only Use of natural/organic materials

This unique program is very exciting and we look forward to highlighting all the amazing and exciting ways that our retailers are being Difference Makers in our community and globally.

Note: A retailer that does not have the Difference Makers icon, may still represent one of these pillars.