Study in Style | Room

Study in Style | Room

Hot finds to help you Study in Style!

It’s no secret that having a clean and organized workspace can help with your productivity, but creating a space that you love to be in will bring energy to your work or study game.

We curated the best-of-the-best finds at Hillside Centre to help you with designing that perfect zen-like space.

Form + Function

Duncan Desk from Canadian Tire
Duncan Desk | Canadian Tire

The desk you choose is important and many factors should be considered before you jump into purchasing one. Consider how much space you need. Do you need just enough for your laptop or computer? Or will you need to have working space to spread out your papers?

Evaluate how important storage is to you and if you prefer to have drawers or just a table surface. Personally, we think you will never regret a few spaces to stash things,  which is why we love the Duncan desk from Canadian Tire. It has just the right amount of storage so you can remain clutter-free and focused.

It’s All About You!

What really makes a space beautiful is having a room that shows your personality. Don’t be afraid to show that off through quirky accessories that speak to your interests. Love Harry Potter? Add a Harry Potter letter holder. Yoga your thing? Decorate with a meditation cushion from Global Village. Adding splashes of your personality to your design is what takes it from drab to fab.

Goodbye Boring Office Chairs

Desk Chair Canadian Tire
Home Gear | Canadian Tire

It wasn’t that long ago that your desk chair selections were limited to black and white and ultimately no matter what you spent they all looked the same. Now there are more choices than ever and you can have your chair be a major statement piece.

Velvet is warm and inviting, but may wear. Leather or faux-leather chairs are easier to keep clean and wipe down. Consider that x-factor of just how clumsy you are when pushing deadlines after midnight, and you will have your answer for what material you are best suited to.

Walmart Plant Art Prints
Art Prints | Walmart

Bring the Outside In

Plants can have a calming effect and replenish your focus. Grab some leafy small plants from Thrify Foods, Walmart, or Canadian Tire to throw on the corner of your desk. When you are looking to procrastinate when it comes time to study, you will appreciate the instant need to water and tend to your small plant!

If you are one of those that aren’t fortunate enough to have your workspace situated where tons of natural light is pouring in we say fake it! Marshalls and Dollarama often have an incredible selection of faux plants in a variety of sizes. Or consider using art to bring in that outdoor vibe and feel of nature. The faux plant or art route is a clever way to play a little Jedi-mind trick with your brain to simulate a real-evergreen environment.

Roommate? What roommate?

Hear that? That drumming of fingers on the desk? The off-key singing to the latest Harry Styles? The slurping of the last of the drink? If you have a roommate it is a necessity to ensure you have noise-canceling headphones at your fingertips to help you stay focused. Whether you are an ear-bud type or prefer an on-ear style we have many electronics retailers such as SportChek or The Source that can assist you in finding the perfect pair that will bring music and style to your ears.

Marbled Notebook | Hallmark

Start with a Clean Slate

If you like to have your urgent deadlines at a glance and love the idea of starting with a clean slate, Hallmark, Marshalls, and Bolen Books have various styles of whiteboards or wall calendars for your space. The bonus of a whiteboard is when your task is done just wipe it off and start fresh.

If you prefer to keep a handwritten book, it can be almost impossible to just settle on one. We recommend curating a lovely stack and integrating them into your desk or shelf display to showcase those beautiful spines.

Zest Bedding QE Home
Zest Bedding | QE Home

Rest in Style

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to give your brain time to recharge and refresh. Choose bedding that reflects your style as well as your comforts. A comfy bed is critical when it comes to catching a few zzz’s. Go with a light duvet or layered approach if you tend to overheat at night. If unsure what will work best for you, the team at QE Home is always happy to answer any questions and offer recommendations.

If living in a dorm-type situation you may be limited in other furniture that you can add to your space. A great solution is to make your bed suitable for sleeping and as a daybed. Load up on a variety of pillows that can be arranged to create a comfortable sitting position to catch the latest seasons of Outer Banks or Emily in Paris…whenever Netflix finally delivers on those!

We think that having a lap desk can be a great way to switch it up and move from desk to bed to continue burning the midnight oil. This accent spice lap desk from Shopper’s Drug Mart is as beautiful as it is functional.

Study in Style

Whether you are styling a space for the first time or doing a refresh in a space in your home, there are so many options on how to make a big statement change without breaking the bank. A little extra help from your friends to create your dream space can’t hurt though, so Hillside Centre is giving you a chance to WIN a $1,000 room makeover! Enter daily to increase your chances of winning and eClub members get a special BONUS entry, so if you aren’t an eClub member join today.

Find something at Hillside that is helping you Study in Style? Let us know by tagging #HCStudyinStyle on your Instagram post. We may just feature your study-space or style find on our blog!