Splash of Colour for Fall

Splash of Colour for Fall

Prep for the Season!

For most of the country, Fall brings with it a spectacular show of colour and prepping for a long snowy winter. Here in Victoria, we are fortunate to have a spectacular and longer show of Fall colours, so we are digging out our rainy-day gear and preparing for a soggy wet season. If you are from here, there is a part of you that looks forward to gloomy days as the weather forces a retreat from yardwork and backyard bbqs. But just because some days may be a bit more gloomy doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! 

Covered from Head to Toe

Bentley Umbrella

Having multiple umbrellas at the ready is key here as you never know when your island mist will transform into a full-fledged downpour. Keeping an umbrella in the car, at work and three by the front door is essential. 

SoftMoc Ugg Rain Boots

The Belami Stripe Umbrella from Bentley is stylish and features perfectly curated Fall colours.  

Your Hunter rainboots have some serious cute competition in town! We are obsessing over the stylish new UGG Rainboot. Softmoc’s Droplet Chelsea boots are the perfect Splash of Colour you need to bring a cheerful smile to your face. Their low profile means they are perfect for the damp days, rather than high coverage boots, which allows your legs to breathe. 

There is no shortage of styles of rainboots anymore! Whether you like tall, short, black, patterned, or bold colours, you can easily see the massive choice available at Hillside by visiting our online SHOP and checking out this curated list of almost 200 different styles. Narrow down your favs and head down to Hillside with a short list to try on—efficiency at its finest.

Layering for the Win

Puffer vests, shackets, and cardigans are still essential this season as weather can flip-flop from AM to PM. Like the umbrella, we suggest keeping extra sweaters or cardigans at the office that are neutral in colour so they can be thrown on over every outfit to give you that extra warmth. Trends this season are opting for a more polished look. Look for shorter-length sweaters that can layer nicely over a long button-up shirt. You’ll be on point with your style.

Walmart Inspired Look

Turtlenecks! Yes, you heard correctly, turtlenecks are making a comeback for Fall. It is all about styling to ensure you don’t look like you are stuck in the 90’s.

Bellissima Jacket

Layering comes into play here with your jewellery. A double-chain freshens up the style. A gorgeous Lock and Key Double-Strand necklace from Ann-Louise would look great paired over a creme or deep green turtleneck. For those more budget-conscious shoppers, we have curated the Top Finds under $50 here on our SHOP platform on Hillside’s website.

Shackets just make sense for the shoulder season. While they aren’t waterproof (you have your umbrella for that!) they are cozy and stylish. The colours in this Plaid Hooded Jacket from Bellissima screams Autumn.

While you may be fine juggling your umbrella, handbag and pumpkin-spiced latte, the kids are not. There are so many adorable rainproof jackets for the kids at Hillside this season hard to highlight just one. From Carter’s Osh Kosh to Sport Chek we have a great sample of options available at Hillside for your to browse HERE.

Bring Home the Colour

QE Home Gold Cushion
QE Home

With your Fall wardrobe tweaked, remember to bring a splash of colour into your home! Simple swap-outs of your toss cushions can enhance your mood and make your sanctuary feel alive. This Round Corduroy Cushion from QE Home brings the sunshine in with its gold tone.

Another inexpensive way to add a pop of colour to any room is by adding blankets and throws. Marshalls, QE Home, and Walmart all offer an expansive selection of home decor for every budget and colour palette.

Whether you bring colour to your head, toes or home-Autumn never means bland. It’s an excuse to embrace those golden Fall tones that nature naturally provides!

Check out our new SHOP on the website! You can browse, check out some of the newest looks, and plan your next visit to Hillside Centre!