Green Initiatives

In keeping with Hillside Centre’s commitment to environmental stewardship, effective April 1 our team will sort food court waste in an effort to minimize our landfill contributions and maximize our organic diversion rates. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated by Mother Nature and Hillside Centre!

Effective July 1, 2018 the City of Victoria is prohibiting the distribution of single use checkout plastic bags. As a customer you have the choice of requesting a paper bag or a reusable bag. There are minimum fees associated: .15 per paper bag and $1 per reusable bag. Hillside Guest Services will be providing customers with reusable bags starting late June.

In November 2016, Hillside was awarded the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Leadership Award. Through the recycling of used cooking oil, 9,040 litres, Hillside reduced 27.70 tonnes of greenhouse gas. The good news is in 2017 Hillside Centre more than doubled their CO2E footprint – 17,500 litres of used cooking oil was recycled amounting to 53.62 tonnes of greenhouse gas. The BC BioFuel Network collects the used cooking oil and recycles it into sustainable biofuels for homes, cards and businesses. The oil once used in our food court fryers could now be powering our customer’s car or truck.

Did you know that Hillside collected 30,749 bottles (plastic & glass) from the food court in 2016? This year 2017, Hillside collected 58,342 bottles (plastic & glass) from the food court! By recycling our bottles we generated over revenue which will goes towards other recycling initiatives! It pays to be green!