Fresh Start for Fall

Fresh Start for Fall

Top Picks for the Season

Fall can feel like a more significant shift than the start of a new year. With temperatures changing and the chaos of summer slowly becoming a distant memory, many of us treat Fall as a good time to make a fresh start. Whether it’s back to school, back to work, or just a chance to start with a clean slate for the upcoming season, we have rounded up all the items that will make this transition a little smoother!

School Essentials


Whether you have a child that embraces heading back to school or one that is in denial that summer is coming to a close, the back-to-school shopping starts now! There is no shortage of opportunities for kids to express their personal styles; from tie-dye backpacks to bold prints on lunch boxes. 


Little ones aren’t the only ones that get to have fun when it comes to the essentials. We are loving corduroy backpacks, like the Jansport Half Pint FX from Boathouse or the Mineral Burst from Below the Belt.

Most of us don’t recall a water bottle being a school essential, as two trips to the water fountain a day were apparently enough to keep us hydrated! Today, kids know the importance of sipping water throughout the day and there is a plethora of water bottles that look cool and keep your water just as cool.

The big thing to help a child get excited about Back to School is to bring them along and let their personality shine when picking out the essentials. We also find that stashing a few unexpected special treats in their lunch for the first couple of weeks also helps to soften the back-to-school blues.

Comfortable Gets Top Grade


90’s big and baggy are still influencing fashion picks for Fall for tweens to teens. From low-rise loose jeans or cargo pants to oversized crewneck sweatshirts featuring legendary bands we are pretty sure to have never fallen on their ears, grunge fashion is back. 

Oshkosh B'Gosh
Oshkosh B’Gosh

Cooler mornings are the perfect excuse to layer up. We are loving this cropped frayed hem jacket from Warehouse One. Works perfectly with a vintage band shirt layered under to keep their rock star vibe strong.

Younger fashions are playful and incorporate trending materials such as this adorable corduroy floral skirt.

While athletic kids are hard to steer away from the classic jogger and hoodie uniform, at least there appears to be an influx of colour choices to infuse into their closet. 


Routine Never Looked So Good

While we may not get a new teacher or classmates, returning to the office/work always feels like a bit of fresh start come September. We are no longer juggling house guests, kids’ camp schedules and backyard BBQ invites, while attempting to stay on top of our work committments. To keep you excited about embracing routine, treat yourself to a few new fresh items for your workspace or add a few transition pieces to take your work wardrobe into Fall.

The Shoe Company
The Shoe Company

It is almost impossible to not feel excited about heading back to the office or meeting up with friends after work when wearing these orange platform pumps from Shoe Warehouse.

Walk in Comfort
Walk in Comfort

That being said if you, like Barbie, are reconciling your shoe choice, Soft Moc, Sport Chek, Boathouse, and Walk in Comfort have a wonderful selection of comfy Birkenstock’s to choose from.

Never underestimate the feeling you get once you finally give yourself the approval to get that new laptop or device. These types of purchases we tend to put off, feeling like we are spoiling ourselves, but you will not regret the investment in you. The constant frustration of continually restarting your device or skipping all words that have a ‘h’ in them since that key was lost a while back is over! If choice overwhelms you, The Source has 5 simple questions it asks you to help you determine the right laptop for your needs.

If you have a tight budget for Fall but need a little something to add some spring to your step as you head back to the routine, you can’t go wrong with a fresh new coffee mug. Those first sips in the morning will bring a smile to your lips. Routine never tasted so good!


Shop the Teal Pedastal: 

Belt – Ricki’s

Boots – The Shoe Company

Cardigan – Warehouse One

Cellphone Cover – Wrapprz

Cup/Straw – Warehouse One

Day Planner/Pencil – Dollarama

Purse – Warehouse One

Sweater – Ricki’s

Shop the Navy Pedestal:

Beanie – Below The Belt

Day Planner – Dollarama

Jeans – Warehouse One

Pen/Pencils – Dollarama

Plaid Shirt – Boathouse

Sneakers – SoftMoc

T-Shirt – Below The Belt

Shop the Orange Pedestal: 

Boots – Carter’s Osh Kosh

Cellphone Cover – Wrapprz

Clothing – Carter’s Osh Kosh

Knapsack – Boathouse

Markers/Glue – Dollarama

Sandwich Container – Dollarama

Water Bottle – Bentley