Spring into Colour

Inspiring Fashion for the Season

Spring into Colour

If you aren’t already itching to get out of your neutral winter wardrobe, you will be when you see the bold and bright colours and mix-and-match styles that are inspiring fashion for the season. 

This season’s mix of textures and bright & bold colours, make it one of the most inspiring and feel-good springs we have seen in a while. Embrace the juxtaposition and use the four guiding principles below to create an eye-catching outfit that works for any age and ever body. 

Spring 2023 Fashion Guiding Principles: 

  • Dress for you! Go ahead and embrace the trends, but make them work for you and your personal style. 
  • Layer with Purpose: The weather will fluctuate so keep that coat or sweater close. 
  • Opposites Attract: Keep in mind that opposites attract and mixing oversized with fitted items will create a more cohesive look. 
  • Comfort is Essential: Put those heels away and enjoy the comfort of the current shoe game. That being said if you and Carrie Bradshaw have a similar philosophy on heels, go for it! 

Layer with Purpose

From the crisp, cool, springtime mornings to the sunny afternoons that hint at warmer weather ahead, it is not just a fashion statement but a function statement to layer with purpose during those transition months. 

Fuchsia Tank | Marshall's
Fuchsia Tank | Marshall’s

Denim is taking centre stage and bold & bright colours and style choices such as raw edge, fitted or oversized mean that whatever your personal style you will find a denim jacket that fits. The best part is that it can be paired with casual wear to cute or more formal dresses; making it the perfect versatile piece. 

Rickis Oversized Blazer
Oversized Blazer | Ricki’s

Blazers are still having their movement and are a fabulous closet staple as they take you from workday to brunch day. The key is to not go too fitted, oversized is where it’s at. Check out the looks at Cleo, Ricki’s, Northern Reflections and Below the Belt for some beautiful cuts and colours. If you prefer your denim or blazer in more neutral colours, add your pops of colour under it with a lavender or bright fuchsia tank or tee. 

Eyewear is one of the accessories to really take an outfit to next level. Complete that outfit with a bold frame like these Coach ones, available from New Look Eyewear or Pearle Vision or a little flower power like this pair from SpecSavers. Just like that, you have a look that’s clearly spot on! 

Opposites Attract

It’s a fashion flashback with so many items this season. Cargo pants are back and bigger than ever…literally. While oversized is taking over, it is important to ensure that it’s balanced with what you’re wearing up top. While crop tops and short shirts are the choices of some, don’t feel that you have to bare it all to pull off this look. Pairing your oversized cargo with a more form-fitting tee or a mock neck tank will pull it all together for a chic, effortless vibe.

If you love the idea of cargo pants but are not sure you can pull off the oversized look, a fitted cargo pant is an option, but keep in mind that if you go for the form fit on the bottom, you go oversized on top! Keeping that opposites-attract mentality will ensure you keep your style on point. 

Trouser Jean | Cleo
Trouser Jean | Cleo

Loose-fitting dress trousers and jean trousers are a great look right now and it’s so flattering for everyone!  This will be a fan favourite, especially with a vest, a tank or even a tube top. Tube top…now’s there a fashion flashback!

For those of you that aren’t willing to part with your skinny jeans, take a baby step away and let us introduce you to the pencil pant. These are the perfect pant for those that prefer a more form-fitting option and they are bright & bold this season with a huge range of colours. Pair this with slides and you will have that simple yet sophisticated look. 

Pulling together different looks and styles can be fun and rewarding! Just remember oversized cargo pants on the bottom means fitted on top! Don’t be shy to mix lace or pearls for that feminine touch.

Comfort is Essential 

Tangerine Shoes
Tangerine Shoes | The Shoe Company

Everyone can agree shoes can make an outfit and luckily there are so many styles to choose from this season! Platforms, flats, chunky, heels, and sleek pointed toes. Believe it or not, even jelly shoes are making a comeback. We are beyond obsessed with these tangerine shoes. That elevates, literally and figuratively, the traditional jelly shoe to a whole new level.

Converse | Soft Moc
Converse | Soft Moc

What makes so many people happy is gone are the days that you can’t wear shoes that save your back! Grab those casual runners and throw them on with your cute dressy outfit and still look stunning. 

Looking for what to pair with your cargo pants? Combat boots or chunky running shoes are perfect. If you are choosing to go with a combat boot remember the opposite game and add in lace, floral or a more feminine top to balance out the look. 

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to shoes. Try runners with a dress or pencil pants or a pointed-toe with trousers jeans. Mixing these looks is fun! Go with what feels good to you! 

Pull it all Together

There’s something playful about this season’s fashion, with the injection of colour and mashing up of styles. From pops of intense colours and from sheer to utilitarian, and so much in between! It’s femininity and rugged put together. The key to pulling this off is to use each category sparingly. 

We got you covered from head to toe on how to rock the looks and when in doubt refer back to the guiding principles or drop us a note and our fashion expert would be happy to help!

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Spring into Colour (Green):

  • Bag – Bluenotes
  • Bracelets – Ricki’s
  • Hat – Bluenotes
  • Mesh Bag – Bluenotes
  • Sandals – Marshalls
  • Sunglasses – Ricki’s
  • Top – Ricki’s

Spring into Colour (Pink):

  • Cosmetic/Travel Bag – Marshalls
  • Romper – Carter’s Osh Kosh
  • Sandals – Ronsons
  • Straw Fan – Global Village
  • Sunglasses – Ricki’s
  • Swimsuit – Carter’s Osh Kosh

Spring into Colour (Tangerine):

  • Back Scratcher – Canadian Tire
  • Body Yogurt – The Body Shop
  • Cup – Hallmark
  • Hydro Flask – House of Knives
  • Nike Flip Flops – Boathouse
  • Slip-on Shoe – Ronsons
  • Top – Boathouse
  • Vans – Boathouse