Leasing: Non-Profit


Thank you  for considering Hillside as a contributor to your event, organization or initiative. Each year, we receive numerous requests for display space. Due to limited space and the number of requests we receive, Hillside has implemented a standard process in determining which requests are approved. Please note that we generally do not permit ‘stand-alone’ displays. We encourage applicants to include their request in a larger special event format or as an addition to an event already happening in-centre.

To be considered, your organization must:

  • Be a registered charitable organization with a government-sanctioned charitable number
  • Make a contribution to the local community including non-profit, cultural, educational and social service groups
  • Serve the community of Victoria and compliment Hillside Centre’s community focus
  • Submit a letter, at least 60 days in advance, on corporate letterhead outlining your organization and the event details

 Each application is reviewed on an individual basis and other variables may impact the success of your application.

Upon approval, your organization will be required to:

  • Sign a Temporary Occupancy Agreement
  • Provide a $3 million Comprehensive General Liability and $250,000 Risk Tenants Liability insurance certificate, including Hillside Centre Holdings Inc. and Bentall Kennedy (Canada) Limited Partnership and its affiliates as additional insured
  • Report back with the total amount raised within 7 days of the end of the event

Please submit your request to: