What is the OceanWall?

The OceanWall is the first of its kind in Canada, a 3646 mm by 2058 mm (12 feet by 7 feet) series of screens featuring technology that allow viewers to explore under the ocean and engage in interactive educational activities focused on the sea life living in the Salish Sea. The OceanWall is a community project that invites individuals, local businesses and large corporations to share their research and personal experiences while on the ocean.

Made up of eleven screens, the top nine are side-by-side with just a 5.3 mm bezel between each screen. The top nine screens display pre-recorded or live video footage of life under the sea. The two lower screens are iboards, interactive technology that promotes education and engagement – kindergarten through grade 12. The iboard on the left-hand side controls the footage on the screens above. Children can select videos they are interested in and ‘swipe’ the image onto the large screen or into the queue. The iboard on the right will provide interactive learning opportunities for children through education applications. Viewers will see underwater footage, pre-recorded or live, of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding waters. Local organizations and individuals can submit video footage of their underwater experiences which will then be shared with all via the OceanWall. Video footage can be sent to #OceanWalls. Contributing to the OceanWall content includes partners  Ocean Networks Canada, University of Victoria, BC Ferries, Centre of Whale Research, Underwater Encounters, Eagle Wing Tours – whale watching and many others.

The OceanWall is located in the food court. Grab a coffee, sit back and experience Hillside’s OceanWall!